Ready to use

MBerg lights will arrive at your site quickly, stacked on a pallet, ready to be installed and used.

Install yourself

Anyone can install an MBerg construction site work light. Just hang the light by the suspension hook, install it in a daisy chain and turn on the power. MBerg will light up the construction site evenly and without shadows.

Made to last

The MBerg construction site lights are designed and manufactured for rough conditions at construction sites. They withstand blows, falls and extreme conditions. The maintenance-free lights do not require expensive bulb replacements or any other maintenance work.

Keep your employees safe

MBerg work lights can be equipped with safety lights with a battery backup. This way, your employees will maintain a safe visibility for moving around the site, even during power cuts. This results in less accidents and shorter interruptions.

The work lights will follow you from one site to another

When the construction is completed, you can collect the durable, shock-proof MBerg® lights on a pallet and transport them to the next site. Covered by a protective bag, the work lights do not require any maintenance. Just put on a new protective bag and the work lights are ready for a new site.

Awarded genius

The European Rental Association ERA has recognised the undeniable advantages of the MBerg construction site lights and has awarded them the Rental Product of the Year award. The jury praised the durability and maintenance-free lifespan of the lights in the rough conditions of construction sites.